Thank you for partnering with Multi Multi, a friendly platform that helps local grocery stores, restaurants, and takeaways connect with their consumers.

We are glad to offer best-in-class services to our Merchant Partners with ease and efficiency, and in turn, generate beneficial avenues for everyone. Our business model is cost-effective, efficient, and mutually beneficial for all. Get ready to grow your business.


In this section we aim to answer every question that arises in your mind about becoming a Multi Multi Merchant partner.


What’s in store for me as a merchant partner?

We have your best interest in place! We make the process simpler by setting up your store on our platforms free of charge. You don’t need any additional equipment. Simply use your smartphone to manage the processes. In terms of charges and payments, you pay us considerably less commission. You also don’t have to pay any one-off charges or joining fees.


Why Join Multi Multi?

Get more customers

No joining fee to pay

We help setup with no extra cost

No need for any additional equipment or tablet

Minimum commission rate. We charge 10%.

We will carry out extensive marketing activities to promote our partners

Multi Multi stands for mutual benefit, unlike other operators who charge excessive commission, we charge a minimal commission so that you can maintain lower selling prices and keep more of your profit.

What should I do if I have any queries or concerns about the processes and payments?

Your suggestions/queries/concerns are valuable to us! You can share the same with us at or use the Contact us link on our App or website.

How do I join Multi Multi?

You can download the Multi Multi app from the Play store and App store. Simply download and get set for a mutually beneficial friendship that will last for a lifetime.

Alternatively, please click here to sign in on website.


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